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Initiated in the early 90s, the Destillat project strives to grind his synthesizers and rhythm machines to constantly experiment and explore new musical horizons.


This monoencephalic entity is nourished by influences as diverse as Kraftwerk, Jarre, Bashung, Gainsbourg, Kas Produkt, Berurier Black, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Trisomy 21 and a plethora of others. He developed his taste for electro with the findings of any independent electronic musical scene. 


In 1990, the compositions of the project were confidential but a complete setlist had already been developed. Based on deaf bass and dark melodies, his music remains instrumental.


At the dawn of the 2000s, with the accession of vintage synthesizers software emulations, Destillat also devoted to the creation of commercials and jingles for radioshows (especially Villages FM) but also original soundtracks for shows with a lot of techno sounds and synthetic layers. 


In the second half of the 2000s, under the leadership of the BoredomProduct, label, his tribute to a Dekad track was chosen to appear on their compilation AutoReverse. In the same period, an original track of Destillat appeared on the Radio Equinoxe v3.0 compilation and Destillat committed remixes for Astrovoyager and Dataraper 


In 2014, Destillat sign with the CosmXploreR label and released his first own LP: Parametric Sensation. It is a collection of tracks from previous work sounding electro / dark / vintage / techno which, although technology stocks, are intended melodic and distilling emotions. 


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