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Fans of Jean-Michel Jarre's discography, cast off… The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra presents Solstices!

The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra is a collective of electro musicians federated by WebRadio Radio Equinoxe and the associative label CosmXPloreR.

After several compilations bringing together titles created by fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, the dedicated WebRadio was seduced by the concept proposed by the artists Marboss and AstroVoyager: to create an album of music composed "in the style of" Jean-Michel Jarre for pay homage to the artist's first cult creations.

Dozens of artists responded to WebRadio's call by sending in their compositions. There followed a meticulous work of selecting and assembling the titles to create a continuous and homogeneous electronic music album in the spirit of the founding albums of Jean-Michel Jarre such as Oxygène.

The first concept album of the collective in orbit on May 20, 2022...

In total, 16 original creations by 16 artists from around the world make up Solstices, a title chosen in a nod to the mythical album Equinoxe. Solstices is divided into two parts with two complementary atmospheres: Litha (the summer solstice) with updated sounds and Yule (the winter solstice) with more vintage sounds.

The 16 titles were also carefully listened to by Francis Rimbert and Frédérick Rousseau, collaborators of Jean-Michel Jarre from the start... They underlined the quality of the approach... and even selected their favorite titles.
Fans of Jean-Michel Jarre's discography, cast off... The Foggy Jefferson Orchestra is ready to make you revisit your classics in the shade of the summer 2022 sun...


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